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Nihon Blade has been a trailblazer as a sales company that exclusively handles imported batteries.We started handling imported batteries about 30 years ago, at a time when Japanese-made batteries were considered the norm and there was no understanding of imported batteries.We worked with overseas manufacturers to produce the good quality that is suitable for Japan's needs, and at the same time gained actual experience of doing business in Japan and increased the reliability step by step.Imported batteries currently have a major presence in Japan. They have the same level of quality as products made in Japan, and are used by government agencies, large companies, and various industries.We handle 400,000 imported batteries per year, which is one of the largest market shares in Japan.Batteries are essential for starting up many things, such as vehicles and machines.Our batteries help society work.


Reliability born from strong partnerships with
overseas manufacturers and thorough quality control

The reason many customers have selected Nihon Blade's batteries is quality.We number each pallet of batteries we import into Japan and record the date and voltage measured at that time. Then we check the voltage regularly and do good-quality supplementary charging as needed.Before batteries are shipped, we adjust the voltage values so that the stock period in stores is taken into consideration, which makes it possible for end users to use their batteries at a good voltage right after purchase.The fact that the Self-Defense Forces and Fire Defense Agency have selected our batteries is proof that our quality is reliable.We handle products from 6 overseas manufacturers, and our ability to meet diverse needs is also one of our strengths.We exchange information with each manufacturer on a daily basis, and directly meet with them and deepen our relationships several times a year.Our strong trust relationships make it possible for us to provide flexible solutions, so much so that people have said "If we ask Nihon Blade, it will work out OK."

  1. 01.Trust relationships with
    overseas manufacturers

    We exchange information with the overseas manufacturers that are our partners every day, and visit each other's companies several times a year.We protect quality by checking both manufacturing processes and storage conditions.Nihon Blade's quality control methods that use numbering to maintain quality have been well-received internationally.

  2. 02.Strict control and
    good-quality charging

    We strictly control each pallet of batteries we import into Japan by numbering them and recording the date and voltage.This makes it possible to check the voltage based on the number of days that have passed, and do appropriate supplementary charging as needed.At that time, we don't use fast charging--we maintain the quality of our products by taking the time to do good-quality charging.

  3. 03.Batteries are shipped at a voltage
    that takes the inventory period
    into consideration

    Before batteries are shipped, we adjust the voltage so that the stock periods at distributors and stores are taken into consideration.These adjustments make it possible for end users to use their batteries at a good voltage right after purchase.We take a great many details into consideration to protect the trust and reliability of our imported batteries.



    These are manufactured by Hankook AtlasBX, which is trusted in 125 countries around the world.Hankook AtlasBX built a new...plant in 2000 and established a better level of quality and supply systems.There is a line-up of automotive products (JIS, BCI, and DIN standards). These are currently listed as genuine batteries for Japanese automotive manufacturers and are also used on Self-Defense Force vehicles.MORE

  • NBC Calcium premium battery

    NBC Calcium Premium batteries have world-class quality, high performance, and high reliability, and support all types of electronic...devices in vehicles.We started handling these as a Nihon Blade private brand, and have a line-up of these as batteries for passenger vehicles, mainly for vehicles with charging control.These batteries have excellent starting performance even at low temperatures, and they use a separator with low electric resistance that provides excellent vibration durability.The sealed cover prevents electrolytes from evaporating, and there is no need to refill them.MORE

  • AC Delco

    The ACDelco Maintenance-Free batteries made by the General Motors Group are super-high-powered batteries that...use special calcium alloys on both the positive negative plates. They have outstanding capabilities for starting in hot and humid countries and extremely cold regions, as well as excellent heat resistance and earthquake resistance. Also, because of the special alloys, there is no need to refill them, and these batteries have such high performance that there is so little self-discharging that conventional batteries don't even compare to them.MORE

  • HEXA

    Even out of the products made by Clarios Delkor Corporation, which has the No. 1 share of batteries in the world, these...high-performance, high-quality batteries have been evaluated as being at the highest level. These comprise a Nihon Blade private-brand product line that we have gained during our 30 years in the battery business.These batteries are completely maintenance-free and don't need to be refilled. They also have a long life and extremely low self-discharging.They have outstanding starting performance during the winter season and in cold regions, and have extremely high reliability in various applications.MORE


    The pole plates of Optima batteries have a special structure that gives them such high starting performance, anti-vibration performance,...and life that batteries that use conventional pole plates with a flat structure don't even compare to them.Optima batteries have low self-discharging, can withstand long-term storage, and can maintain the large amount of electric power that is necessary for starting. Their low resistance also improves the sound quality of car audio systems.MORE


    These are deep-cycle batteries that are suitable for a wide variety of applications.Newmax batteries have about 1.5 to 2 times...the cycle life of ordinary liquid-type EB batteries.They use a completely sealed recombination system and are designed for safety, with control valves to eliminate liquid leaks and gas emissions.They have excellent self-discharging characteristics, only losing a low 15% even if they are stored for a period of 6 months.MORE



  • Nihon Blade is a company that imports and sells battery products.

    Nihon Blade Co., Ltd. is a company that imports and sells battery products, not a manufacturer of battery products.
    We handle and sell various types of battery products, but we mainly import them from outside Japan and sell them to stores in Japan.

  • We only sell battery products in Japan.

    We only sell imported battery products in Japan. We often receive inquiries from outside Japan, but we don't sell products outside Japan.
    We appreciate your understanding.



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